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✨ Welcome Sponsor and Latinas Acting Up joins the Disruptor Panel! ✨

Updated: Feb 29

 ✨Celebrating All Things Latina✨


Phenomenal Women,


LATINAFest® is fast approaching. Join us on March 24th in supporting and uplifting the Latina community. Tickets are on sale now for $10. ALL kids 12 and under are FREE! Follow us on social media using our handle @latinafest for festival updates and more.


Welcome Neutrogena as LATINAFest® Sponsor!

LATINAFest® welcomes Neutrogena as a sponsor for LATINAFest 2024!

Come enjoy the Neutrogena beauty bar, where attendees will have a mini session with makeup artists for a quick, professional glow-up, all while learning about the importance of daily, vital sun protection and understanding the multi-benefits of Neutrogena facial sunscreens. Stay tuned for more info on the skin care panel discussion with surprise guests!


This year, we are adding the LATINA DISRUPTOR panel, featuring a group of dynamic Latinas who are  “acting up” and speaking out, taking control of their own narrative, and taking the lead in the world of business and social movements.

Get ready to be inspired and empowered by some incredible Latina voices! The Latina Disruptor Panel will feature Lisa Vidal and Diana Maria Riva, co-founders of Latinas Acting Up and talented actresses; Flor Martinez, CEO of Celebration Nation and Tik Tok influencer, entrepreneur Jenny Martinez, and moderated by Chargers Cultural Director Lilliana Perez. For more information, visit


LATINAFest®: Mind, Body, and Soul is the largest outdoor festival on the West Coast, which celebrates everything Latina! An unforgettable day to invigorate your soul where you will feel inspired and pampered by activations and speakers, and the shopping is unreal as you'll find the most amazing culturally fashioned products and services.

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